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AbiBird is a wholly owned division of ATF Services Pty Ltd. ATF Services is an Australasian group of companies with 350 employees and contractors across 65 branches in Australia and New Zealand. ATF Services has been operating for 28 years. ATF Services is a leading provider of outdoor security surveillance technology, temporary fencing and height safety solutions.

The AbiBird solution was developed over 4 years of rigorous testing in indoor and outdoor construction sites, maintaining the security of many millions of dollars of equipment.  AbiBird has benefited from these live field environments and has adapted the technology, bringing it into the family home for use by all Australians.

Retirement village owners from Perth to Queensland have engaged with AbiBird, benefiting from its unique ability to directly connect distant families in the ongoing welfare of their mum’s and dad’s.

AbiBird is proudly Australian owned and made, and is now being adopted by retirement village owners and consumers in New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Further international expansion of the AbiBird solution is continuing at a rapid pace.

AbiBird’s vision is to support independence for older Australians and to connect them with their families and loved ones, whether in Australia or overseas. Having launched its AbiBird unobtrusive activity sensor and AbiBird app, AbiBird will continue to develop and provide products that are easy to implement and give users peace of mind that their loved ones are okay.

AbiBird is proudly Australian made and Australian owned and is available in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Ireland.

AbiBird’s head office is located in Sydney, Australia.


We were lucky this time, but will Mum have another fall?
It was their mum, Grace, who’s nasty fall prompted a family conference: would Grace be better off in a care home? This time there was no lasting damage and Grace recovered. However, the chances of another fall, or worse, had to be recognised. Grace wasn’t ready to give up her lovely home and her independence. AbiBird provided the balance between independence and being minded, it allowed Grace to maintain her independence while the family could remain connected to make sure she was okay.


It’s comforting to know everything is fine
Joseph’s Dad, Tom was in good health. He was happy living alone and doing what he wanted, when he wanted. They got AbiBird so that Joseph could lookout for Tom without intruding or looking over him. Joseph kept an eye on his AbiBird App and soon realised that he didn’t need to be constantly responding – when there had been a number of alerts, he would give Tom a call. Everything was usually fine, but they both agreed it was reassuring to know that AbiBird was on duty 24 hours a day.


Nerida can unobtrusively check that Auntie is okay
Nerida got AbiBird for her Auntie because she found Auntie didn’t answer her phone calls. For example, Auntie would tell her she was going to the shops in morning but then, when Nerida called later in the day there was no answer. Nerida would eventually go around to Auntie, only to find everything was fine. With AbiBird, Nerida can check anytime that Auntie is safely home and moving about, without having to call or drop in.


Grace wasn’t alone
Grace slipped in the shower and couldn’t get up. With no-one else in the house and her immediate neighbours at work how was she to get help? It was comforting to know that her AbiBird in the living room would let her family know that she wasn’t moving about as usual and one of them would call and be around to check on her sooner or later. She wasn’t really alone.


Living safely and independently in her own home
Brenda and her beloved dog had lived in the same home for years. She wasn’t as active as she used to be and when her son moved inter-state he suggested she think about going into care or getting some help. Brenda valued her independence and wasn’t ready to give it up. She was still volunteering and enjoyed taking part in community activities and outings. AbiBird gave Brenda and her son the solution. Using the AbiBird App, Brenda’s son could continue to keep an eye unobtrusive on her, while Brenda could maintain her independence.


If something happened, how long would it take for someone to know?
Living on their own, retired friends Denise, Carol and Maria made a point of meeting regularly. Over the years conversation turned more and more to their health. Maria had a few troubling twinges occasionally and both Denise and Carol had worrying family health histories. They decided to do something when Carol asked: “If something happened to you in the night, how long would it take for someone to find you?” The friends agreed to get AbiBird and keep an eye on each other.

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