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Clever care for when
you're not there.

Unobtrusive sensor technology
for your peace of mind.


Look out for
your loved ones
during lockdown.

AbiBird’s app keeps you connected.
No video or sound recording; just peace of mind.


Keep connected
thanks to AbiBird

No lock-in contracts, no set up and no internet required.


AbiBird keeps a

24 hour eye

on your loved one.

Imagine your home-alone parent falling over and being unable to call for help – or simply not getting out of bed in the morning.

An AbiBird sensor placed in their home will automatically send an alert to your smartphone if it detects that something is out of the ordinary.

Even if you’re in another city, looking at the AbiBird app on your smartphone reassures you in real-time that all appears to be well – but alerts you on your mobile if something’s not quite right.

So how does it work?


Simply place an AbiBird sensor in your loved one’s home.


The sensor tracks activity in their home according to a set routine.


If activity stops, or varies from the routine, an alert is sent to the app on your smartphone.

What you do then is up to you. Call the home, call a neighbour, or call for help.

So easy, tell me more

Why is it so good?

Quick and easy installation.

AbiBird is delivered to your home, ready to go straight out of the box.

No lock-in contracts, ever.

Give it a go, trial AbiBird for a month. If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back.

No camera or audio recording.

Independence with no compromise to privacy. 

No Internet required.

AbiBird works where there’s 4G mobile coverage.

Is this for me?Order Now

Affordable pricing

Monthly charge onlyThe AbiBird Service

$ 20

Per Month

Additional Sensor onlyOptional

$ 10

Per Month
No lock-in contracts
Free shipping
Prices include GST

That’s real peace of mind for the price of a coffee!


The AbiBird service.

A little birdy told me.


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