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The AbiBird

smartphone app.

The AbiBird app is a truly unique product assisting our older Australians to retain their independence in their own homes. Here are some of the AbiBird app’s unique features.


Easy to view and intuitive line chart.

The AbiBird app’s primary feature is an easy to view, intuitive graph that gives you an instant, hour-by-hour visual overview of the activity that has taken place in your loved one’s home over the past 24-hours. You will instantly be able to identify whether your cared-for person is following their ‘normal’ routine, or whether they may need to be checked up on.

An example of the instant visual signs that will be visible on the graph include;

  • A grey dot signifies expected activity within the last 60 minutes as nothing unusual has occurred compared to the set routine.
  • A grey dot with an orange outline indicates that unusual activity has entered the ‘Sensitivity tolerance’ zone.
  • An orange dot signifies ‘Unusual Activity’ compared to the expected routine you set up, indicating a possible emergency. Your cared-for person may be unable to move or be inactive.
  • A red dot is a ‘Request for Contact’ from the cared-for person. It indicates your cared-for person has manually triggered an alert and it will show on the graph immediately.


Notification features.

The AbiBird app will notify you with alerts and notifications if activity (or no-activity) is outside of the scheduled routine that has been set for your cared-for person. The alerts provide the Carer with an indication that activity in their cared-for person’s home is presently unusual and outside of the set routine. The alerts will continue to be sent every hour until your cared-for person’s routine reverts to their ‘normal’ schedule. The alerts provide the Carer with an indication that they should be aware that they may need to look in on their loved-one if alerts continue to be received.

There are two types of alerts that can be sent by the AbiSensor to the AbiBird app including:

‘Request for Contact’ alert

  • If your loved one is within reach of their AbiSensor, they can manually trigger a ‘Request for Contact’ alert by repeatedly (up to 10 times) tapping the AbiSensor. This ‘Request for Contact’ alert will immediately appear as a notification on your smartphone, alerting you to take immediate action to see if your loved one needs assistance.
‘Anomaly in routine’ alert

  • If your loved one’s current activity (or lack of activity) is outside the schedule that has been set for that day, an anomaly in routine alert will be sent to your smartphone. This alert will be sent in accordance with the ‘sensitivity’ level that has been set for the schedule. The alerts will continue to be sent to your smartphone, every hour, until your loved-one’s activity reverts back to the set schedule.


Carer support network.

The AbiBird app can be shared with any number of users, allowing multiple family members or carers to view the activity of their older loved ones, no matter where they are in Australia, or the world. So you can share the peace of mind around the family. This feature may be particularly helpful if you are the primary Carer and you are going to be out of town for a few days.

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