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Do you have an older parent living alone?

How can we help?


I'd like to sing the praises of the AbiBird product and their dedicated support staff from the rooftops!


How AbiButton Works


Set up in minutes. Simply download the app, enter the AbiButton’s serial number and push the AbiButton to synchronise.


The user wears or carries the AbiButton anywhere inside or outside of the home, unlimited range within the 3G/4G cellular network means you’re always connected.


A single click of the AbiButton sends a ‘Request for Contact’ via the app. Location is tracked automatically at intervals determined by the app user.

With traditional wearables

Limited range

Traditional solutions are often limited to use within the residence or rely on costly GPS tracking.


Compare to competing solutions costing up to $500, up to 10 X the price of AbiButton.

Short battery life

Constant need for charging means the device is often out-of-use and not available when needed most.

Lock-in contracts

Mean that if life circumstances change, you're stuck paying expensive monthly charges.

With the AbiButton

Unlimited range

AbiButton stays connected anywhere within the 3G/4G cellular network, keeping you constantly connected.


Pay $0 up-front, then just $49 per button and $15/month after your 1 month free trial ends.

Extended battery life

Battery life of up to 12 x other wearable devices means the AbiButton is always ready when it's needed most.

Funding Available

Eligible for funding under the Australian Government's My Aged Care program.

Key features

24/7 real-time connectivity

For peace of mind around the clock.

Take anywhere

Durable, waterproof and stays connected anywhere within the 3G/4G cellular network.

Extended battery life

Up to 12 months of uninterrupted use on standard replaceable batteries

Affordable, subscription-based pricing

NO lock in contracts for convenience and value

Simple set up

Simple to set up and easy to use.

User-friendly smartphone app

The AbiBird app puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere.


Affordable Pricing


Buy now for a BONUS 25% off after your
1 month FREE trial.

AbiButton: $66  NOW $49
Subscription: $20/mth  NOW $15/mth

✔️ FREE trial

✔️ FREE Shipping

✔️ No lock-in contracts

✔️ Hassle-free returns

✔️ Eligible for My Aged Care subsidy

I have recommended AbiBird to anyone I know who is in a similar position with caring for someone.


AbiBird has been an absolute lifeline for us. The peace of mind it gives us knowing Mum is okay, is invaluable.


I'd like to sing the praises of the AbiBird product and their dedicated support staff from the rooftops! I cannot recommend AbiBird too highly - it has allowed our family to let Mum remain alone in her own home for an extra 18 months.


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