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AbiSensor will notify you on your smartphone if your older loved one may have had a fall. 

An example of the AbiSensor routine for day time

Mum normally starts her day at 8am, goes out for lunch at 12pm and gets to bed by 10pm. This routine has been set in the app.

An example of the AbiSensor routine for night time

Dad goes to bed at 9pm. He hasn’t been well lately, so we placed an AbiSensor in his bedroom to make sure he is okay at night.

Key features of AbiSensor

AbiSensor lets you know if Mum or Dad may have had a fall. It's a new way for them to retain their independence.

Battery powered

AbiSensor runs on 4 x AA batteries for up to 1 year. It let’s you know when the batteries need changing.

No camera, no audio recording

AbiSensor uses infrared sensors to detect activity. It’s independence without compromising privacy.

No Internet required

AbiSensor works where there’s 4G coverage. This includes all cities and most regional and rural areas.

Not a wearable device

AbiSensor sits on the shelf. Mum and Dad don’t need to remember it’s there.

Emergency alert

If Mum or Dad are in distress, they can tap the AbiSensor and it will send an immediate Request for Contact to your smartphone.

Share the app

The AbiBird app can be shared with any number of family members. So, rest easy and share the peace of mind with your family.

One month, or more?

Give it a go, if you don’t like it you can send it back. One AbiSensor is $15 per month. A second is $10 per month. No other charges. Easy.

How many AbiSensors?

One AbiSensor for the bedroom and bathroom. A second for the kitchen, dining, living room. Falls are common in these areas.

AbiBird solutions use the NB-IoT cellular network for their coverage

AbiSensor works wherever there is 4G mobile coverage. This includes all cities and most regional and rural areas.

You can place the AbiSensor unobtrusively throughout the house.


Is Mum up and about?


For movement between rooms.


Falls are common here.


Slippery floors are a hazard.

The AbiBird

smartphone app.

The AbiBird app on your smartphone displays the activity in Mum or Dad’s home as hourly dots on a graph. The line moves up and down each hour indicating how active they are. A quick glance at the graph will help determine the state of play in Dad’s home. Is Dad up and about? If no activity and a straight line – why?

  • If activity stops or differs from Dad’s routine, AbiSensor sends an alert.
  • Mum can also tap the AbiSensor if she needs help. This will send an immediate alert to your smartphone.

Unique features of the AbiBird app

A picture tells the story

Intuitive graph gives an instant, hour-by-hour overview of the activity in Mum or Dad's place.

Full details


AbiSensor sends an alert if Mum may have had a fall.

Full details

Share the app

The app can be shared with family members.

Full details

3 screens to tell the story

The app has three screen responses to let you know what's happening at Dad's place.

AbiSensor explained in less than 80 seconds

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