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AbiBird supports Service Providers –

ILU and Retirement Village Operators.

AbiBird has been developed to assist our older Australians to live independently for longer, whether this be in their own homes, in an Independent Living Unit (ILU) or in a Retirement Village (RV) where there is no day-by-day assistance provided by the ILU or RV operator.

Even though there is a level of community in an ILU or RV, many residents may not see each other regularly from one day to the next, and residents’ families still want to know that their loved ones are OK, particularly in the event of a fall or some other accident within their older family member’s unit that may go unnoticed for a period of time. AbiBird can assist family members to remain unobtrusively connected and to look-out for their older loved ones, as well as assist the RV and ILU by providing a cost-effective and instantly available solution with no up-front installation costs.

AbiBird delivers the following benefits to residents and operators:

  • Additional level of care: AbiBird delivers an additional level of care to that which may already be in place; a risk reduction in light of disruptions being caused to the operation of some PER systems by the roll-out of the NBN.
  • No cost to the ILU / RV: The monthly cost of AbiBird products may be invoiced directly to the resident, family member or primary Carer.
  • No cost of installation, no lock-in contracts: There is no installation or infrastructure costs associated with installing an AbiSensor. AbiBird products do not need to be fixed or fitted in a resident’s apartment. AbiSensor is small, light and portable and sits upright on a flat surface or can be mounted on a wall. AbiButton is a compact take-anywhere push button that keeps residents locatable and connected wherever they are.
  • Monitoring / Response is outsourced: AbiSensor’s are monitored and responded to by the family member / primary Carer of the resident. At the same time, the operator may fulfil its own duty of care to ensure a reliable and cost-effective activity sensing solution is available to all residents.
  • No Internet required: AbiBird products do not require the Internet to operate in residents apartments. They operate on the Internet of Things (IoT) network. The IOT network is available across the majority of Australia. Click here to find out more about the IoT.
  • No mains power: An AbiSensor does not require mains power, it operates on 4 x AA batteries for up to 12 months.

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Did you know…

of people aged 65+ has a substantial fall each year.

people aged 80+ has multiple falls each year.

of people who fall need medical attention.

So when your mum asks you how you knew to look in on her, you will be able to say to her what she used to say to you “a little birdy told me”.

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